Monday, September 3, 2012

The BLOB!!!!

Today was Labor Day & exceptionally HOT outside! I wanted to find something fun, cool, & new to do with my kiddos to celebrate. I remembered an awesome water blob I saw awhile back on another mommy's blog & decided to go ahead & dare to try it.

I let the girlies pick whatever special surprise they wanted from the store for lunch while I snatched up all the necessary supplies, just plastic sheeting & duct tape! I decided to then take this fun adventure over to my mom's house because she has a nice grassy area & the ladies' swing set consumes too much of our backyard.

The ladies relaxed in the ac & consumed the pizza Lunchable Miss Asher had selected, while we headed out into the heat to get the blob started, lol. The directions on how to make this bad boy can be found at Blob Tutorial, but I have a few tips I would like to add. If you are going to do this in a grassy area, set down a tarp first. Grass can sometimes have sharper parts that might pop holes in your blob. I would also say, "phone a friend". This is not a project to do by yourself. I was so fortunate to have my sister & her husband's help. It is also smart to cut a few strips ahead of time and just tape them to yourself so you can pull them off & use them as you go instead of having to keep stopping & cutting, stopping & cutting. Since it was so hot & wind can be a factor, use rocks to hold down the sides you are not using so it does not keep blowing away. We added yellow food coloring, but it just looked like...something & eventually became so light you could hardly see it anymore so we changed it to green instead!

Overall, the girls had a blast! We got the top of the blob wet to help it stay cool & slippery fun! I definitely recommend trying this with your family! Being a mommy you learn that some activities can be messy or time consuming to prepare for (blob took a good 20 minutes to tape 30 to fill up), but those are also usually the most fun & memorable!

-M&M Momma

Making their Lunchables!


Told you it looked like..."something".

Nothing like a popsicle while you wait!

Sharing is caring-Mama Asher always!

Started playing early...
"Mama, this feels squishy!"

The ALL loved it!
Aussie faceplanted a few times & laughed.

Getting spayed with hose!

What an awesome idea!!!
Thanks, "Clumsy Crafter"!

Yes, Mommy joined

Someone got mom's camera wet!?!
Bye, Camera #567. :(

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