Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gettin' Our Shoppin' On!

Our focus today was on the grocery store/supermarket. I took part of 1 of their playrooms & converted it into a temporary store. We lined up all the grocery carts in the corner, had a produce department, bakery, check out, lil' paper & recyclable bags for groceries, & the whole 9...or so I thought. Once I showed the girls the store they were delighted, do not get me wrong, but they also asked if I could add in a "Banana Store" (Starbucks) like our main grocery store has-Lol. It all worked out well because we had just purchased the cutest lil' coffee maker from Toys R Us & the day before J's surgery we did our traditional trip to the banana store to enjoy some water & bananas & enjoy each others' company before hitting up the "Red Store". We had just settled down at our table when the barista asked if she could give the ladies a special treat. She had taken Starbucks shot glasses & filled them with milk, a lil' cream on top, & mini straws. Talk about completely thrilling to a 1, 2 & 3 year old! Well, we kept the lil' cups after rinsing them & now we had our very own "Banana Store"!

I read them a very cute & informative book I found about the different components of a grocery store & the various people who work there. I then got the chance to model shopping (showed them how you write a list & even using coupons lol), & then I modeled a few of the other positions at a grocery store (the baker, the one who stocks the shelves, the cashier, etc). It was super fun & provided hours of fun for the ladies! Eventually, I want to put a permit lil' shopping corner in 1 of their playroom by stuffing really grocery boxes & setting up a shelf & everything so stay tuned for that fun adventure!

Kids love imaginative play & can learn so much from it! Imitating real life & what grown-ups do is thrilling to them. Why not create a fake bank, salon, etc. I know I have talked about it before, but it is so true & so important. Next stop, a real grocery store field trip where they are going to first make their lists, help find all the items in the store, & then help mommy cook it!

Life is fun!!!

-M&M Momma


People watching, lol

Pure JOY!

Taking coffee making seriously!

How Aussie shops!

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