Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"A" Review

I definitely like to keep the learning going on all year long, but when the official school year begins it is time to go back & review (especially when you keep adding new kiddos into the mix).

This week we having been focusing on "A", #'s 1-3, red, & the season on winter (Like my state even knows what that is, lol).

For "A", I started out by pulling different surprise "a" items out of my special bag. Things like an apple, toy alligator, & etc. I made sure to emphasise the starting sound with each new item. After all the items were reavealed, I explained that what they all had in common was the "a" sound (we are focusing on short sound first).

Next, I read them the "The A Book" then we discussed some of the items or characters in the book that they noticed started with "a" like the ants, anteater, the airplane, & so forth. I then asked if they could think of anything else that started with the letter that maybe was not found in the book. Of course they all immediately pointed out that their names did. We next moved on to some fun worksheets where they practiced identifying what did & did not being with the sound again & then practiced writing a "mommy" & "baby" letter "A".

After worksheets, we moved onto another activity for art where they got to stamp ants on their A's that looked like apples. They all enjoyed this, especially Aussie.

We ate "ants" (raisins) & apples for snack as well & read a book about animals. They learned a lot of fun new animal facts!

For the next activity, which I definitely recommend, cut out of construction paper the different parts of an apple (leaves, stem, actuall apple). You will also need to tape some contact paper (only $5.00) upside down on a table (sticky side up). This is a great sensory activity. Have the kids practice making the "a" sound as the creatively use the apple pieces to create whole apples. SO fun!


Here is where I got this idea Teaching Preschool

Well, have A wonderful day & I will post more pics later!!!!

-M&M Momma

Starting the day off right!

I had them describe each thing
using their senses
BONUS learning, lol

They created a bus
out of their carseats
later in the day, lol

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