Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Red Store Yumminess & A "Love Land" Visit

After ballet class, we went to the "Red Store" to get a lil' snack & do a lil' shopping.

SNACKS! That is definitely where I want to start this post off. I have been to Super Target many times, but I usually send the hubby through the food section to select snacks for the ladies (usually bananas). For some reason, this time I decided to take on the task instead. BIG MISTAKE. I was in absolute paradise looking at all the wonderful varieties of healthy snacks my favorite "Red Store" has to offer! After getting over the initial snack-overload shock, my eyes zoomed in on these adorable snack packs called "Foodles". They are "hot dog" (Mickey Mouse) themed offer 3 healthy snacks in each pack. They are the shape of Mickey's head & have like mini pretzels in 1 ear, cheese cubes in another, & grapes in the head. They are SO cute & Aussie went bonkers when she saw them! The grocery section also has this cute toddler sized salads. I believe there were 3 different types of salad with 3 different character themes (Cars, Phineas & Ferb, & something else). There were also character themed apple slice packs, portioned baby carrot packs, Cuties juices, & some other really fun stuff for your kids if you have top pick up something really quick & want another option besides processed Lunchables lol.

After the kiddos finished their snacks, we went to "Love Land". The ladies love idea of there being a day dedicated to love & EVEN MORE SO a special section in the "Red Store" dedicated to all sorts of surprises to get for their friends & teachers to help celebrate it. They proudly followed the signs hanging from the ceiling to this mystical land of love towards the back of the store, lol. We let the girls select a few special things for the teachers, friends, & each other. Their eyes were so wide with excitement as they carefully selected each item. It reminded me of how much easier things were as kids & how much things easily amused us at that age. I love it! It was another good time for the books & the ladies are really excited to give their gifts on "Love Day".

-M&M Momma

P.S. The "Dollar Spot" had some adorable mini mailboxes. I got each of the ladies 1 so they can write each other letters & play mail carrier lol.

Ballet class complete!

These "Foodles" snacks are SO cute!
They have 3 different snack packs.

Plain apple slices, apples & dip, & apples soaked in grape juice

Various salad choices for the kids, perfect size!

Portioned baby carrots, yum!

Sisters just messing around :)

Lovin' her snacks

Daddy licks lol

Off to "Love Land"

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