Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow What Fun Continued...

After the girls finally came off their high from watching the snow storm, they finally passed out. The next day after wrangling everyone out of bed, we went out for a nice breakfast. The ladies were definitely overwhelmed by all the options, their eyes were so wide with excitement & wonder. After the ladies consumed more than I knew was possible by lil' munchkins, we bundled up & headed out for another day of snow play. 

We ended finding a nice lil' park where there was no one else in sight. It was the perfect icy wonderland after a great snow fall the night before. As soon as we stepped out of the van, I gave the girls a talk about snow safety, there were some places the snow could be extra slippery & I did not want them the fall. We were out of the snow no less then 5 minutes & I was the 1 who slipped & fell but first in the snow. I had to laugh at myself & my husband was sure to take his time to help me up after first snapping a picture with his camera-Thanks, Babe. 

The girls started out playing with their shovels & buckets, but that soon became a thing of the past for Aussie & Aidy after Daddy broke out with the sled. Asher was a lil' interested, but the shovel & bucket had most of her attention. Austin & Aidann squealed as their daddy pulled them around the park. Their was even a slight dip where they actually slid down, they loved it! At 1 point we even got baby Adley on the sled (in her car seat). That kid is definitely an adrenaline junkie. The crazier the slide sled would go, the bigger the smile!!! The ladies also enjoyed building snow people, making snow angels, & even a snowball fight with daddy. Aidann definitely was the snow bunny of the group  & stayed out in the cold the longest(Austin did not like the snow "making her hands dirty & constantly was asking for a wipie to clean it off with, lol), but eventually everyone was ready to go & we headed for the warm mall.

Shopping was fun, but the mall was definitely a lot smaller than we are used to. The girls kept asking me where the 2nd floor went, lol. After investigating all 15 of the stores (lol, jk), we decided it was time to set back home.

All in all it was a lovely mini-vacation & I can't wait to do it again soon!

-M&M Momma

Watching the snow storm, hard to tell in video

Adley & Asher taking a spin

Riding with Ashy
(Daddy is strong, lol)

Austin & Aidann sledding

Breakfast time!

Snow ready!

Post last night's snowfall

Sled fun with Aussie & Aidy!

Enjoying the action from the warmth of her car seat.

My Angel making an angel!

Super Daddy starting a snowball fight!

Our mini snow guy!

Post hitting Daddy with a surprise snowball at the pump

Mall time!

Aussie & Ashy were obsessed with
walking around the mall with
this scarf connecting them, lol

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