Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big Changes!

So, recently the new posts have not been coming out as quickly as in the past. The reason, with the new year my husband & I have decided to make some BIG changes. No, not pregnant again (yet), but we decided to take on 2 very big house projects to start this year off fresh & new. They have definitely been a lil'..."consuming" to same the least.

When we moved into our house 2 years back, the front & back yard definitely left something to be desired. We kept meaning to get to it, but if you have kiddos then you know that they can definitely keep you busy with other things (pregnancies too). Well, we decided that we could not wait any longer & this year was THE year. Unlike most of the people in the area who tend to go with the desert style of landscaping, we decided to go more tropical instead. My husband & a dear friend have been working on that project this week & I have to say it is definitely coming along nicely.

Starting from scratch

Getting started

For project #2, it is all me. We already have a school room upstairs, but we had always intended for it to end up down in the den eventually. Well, the time has come! Now, instead of keeping things easy & simply transferring our current Ikea-happy school room downstairs, I decided to totally redo it in my favorite design style, vintage/modern. I wanted to create a relaxing, unique, & effective teaching environment that will continue to work even as they grow. So, to start off this project I definitely had to break this huge undertaking down into smaller steps.

Step #1: Empty out the current school room & move all the den toys in.WHOA. I was definitely happy to have some helping hands for this step. It felt like a visit to the gym going up & down those stairs, but we got it done.

Step #2: This took place last night & into this morning. I did not want to just get rid of all the girls old school things, so I had to find new spots for them in their downstairs play areas. Sound easy? Wrong, lol. It felt like trying to put a size 5 shoe on a size 10 foot! After a couple of hours of creativity & organizational skills truly being pushed to their limits, I finally figured it all out around 3am lol.

Now, we are on to Step #3. The paint! This to me is such a huge decision. The furniture, antiques, carpets, shelves, desks, & etc are so fun & somewhat easy to decide upon in my opinion but to me the paint selections can "make or break" a room. So, I am going back & forth with a few ideas, but later today I finally decisions will have to be made. So excited & will definitely be posting pictures of the process & finished product-Yay!

-M&M Momma

Her "heart" hair

The nest day Ashy built a "wall" because she
 "needed to protect her from eating crayons"

She was SO proud

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