Friday, February 22, 2013

"Dr. Seuss Said It Best"

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

-Dr. Seuss

So, I have written about this topic a few times now, letting each kid shine. Having 4 lil' kiddos myself, I have experienced first hand the kind of...creativity & conscious effort it takes DAILY to help each kid feel confident in their own skin & special. One on one time is so important, making the time to talk to them & listen, not comparing siblings to each other, helping to teach all your kids to be happy for one another, not just focusing on pumping up their outside appearance but primarily emphasizing the great stuff they have on the inside, & raising them to be proud of themselves (not just seeking others approval).

Well, recently for our lil' Asher (aka: The female version of "Bob the Builder") we had been trying to come up with some fun 1-on-1 activities to do with her that really focused in on her interests. Aidann & Asher are so close in age & LOVE doing everything together, but I always try to make sure that they each realize they are also their own unique person & that is a great thing too! Well, since this kiddo loves to build things, we decided to not only start taking her to Home Depot for their kid building projects each month, but also start our own Lego club at home! She was absolutely thrilled when we started talking about it. It was going to be something that my husband or I would do special with just her once a week while the other kids were down for their nap or let her stay up an extra half hour before bedtime 1 night for the club.

We purchased an actual Lego table (She was already totally obsessed with her Duplo one, so I knew this was a sure win) & explained how now that she was getting older & so great at building & following directions that she was ready to play with the "big girl stuff"! Each time for our club we will build a new mini Lego kit, following the instructions, letting her really feel empowered as she gets to watch her creations come to "life", & just spending time together. Sometimes we will let her go to the store & pick 1 out & other times we will just surprise her. As time goes on, maybe we will move on to more detailed kits that will take a few sessions together to complete.

Well, tonight was the first night & it just had to be the most fantastic thing ever that we found a Lego kit with a lil' figurine that looked JUST like Ashy. She was thrilled. There was also a purple car we got to put together (BONUS, she adores purple anything & of course cars!).

As we followed each step on the directions, I was so thrilled at how serious she took this lil' mission. It was a learning experience at the same time because she got to see how if you do not follow the sequence of the steps exactly, the end result will come out differently. She whipped through that Lego kit like no one's business & enjoyed every second of it! Her excitement was priceless. She did crack me up a few times because whenever she would start having a lil' bit of trouble putting a piece on she would say under her breath calmly ("I will not get frustrated, I will be patient"). Lol, how old is this child again? Legos already say "Ages 5 & up" on the box & this 3 year old is shocking me left & right lol.

After it was all said & done I told her, "Thank you for taking the time to build with me, I really had fun". And as if this lil' princess could not melt my heart anymore she looked right back up at me & said on her own accord, "No, thank you, Mommy. For taking the time to build with me". (Melting...)

This lil' activity not only showed Asher how important she is & how much we care to facilitate the things that interest her, but it also taught her to see things through to the finish, be patient, follow directions step by step, & let her know that she can do ANYTHING if she sets her mind to it!

Kids are such beautiful lil' beings & I LOVE how different they are from 1 another. Aidann loves dance & fashion like Asher, but can play sports like no body's business (Starting soccer in March, does ballet, & reading club at library). Asher is definitely the builder, loves lining stuff up & categorizing things, and all things transportation (Does ballet, reading club at library, Lego club). Austin is a fun-loving & active lil' kid who loves playing mommy to dolls part of the time & running around screaming doing anything active the other part of the time (Definitely in Gymboree class & reading club at library lol). Adley is just now starting to make her presence known & very busy & loud (Baby storytime at library & will be starting Gymboree at 1). I love all the differences, but also love all the similarities (I swear I have a singing/musicians girl group on my hands in the near future, lol). I want them to know that they are all special in their own ways & their futures are so bright!!! The world is theirs for the taking for sure :)

-M&M Momma

Swim class

Posing with "Mini Asher"

Following directions

Aussie's gym fun!

Cheering Aussie on at Gymboree class

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