Friday, February 15, 2013

Dinner with a Princess

My lil' Asher is 1 of the most stick-to-it kids I know. Some children like 1 thing 1 week & the next week it is something totally different that thrills them. Asher is totally different. I am absolutely shocked how much she knows what she likes at such a young age. She doesn't care how anyone else's opinion may differ, she just knows what she likes. A very admirable quality in my opinion. Well, in addition to her love for all things "Cars McQueen", Tiana has been her very favorite princess for a few years now. She was absolutely thrilled when we got to see her at "Disney On Ice" this year where we finally snatched up a Tiana shirt AT LAST, but when the opportunity arose to have dinner with this princess I jumped at it immediately! For weeks now it has been all the ladies have talked about & the day had finally arrived!

We arrived early & the ladies quickly got to making their crowns & coloring while they waiting for the beloved princess' arrival. Finally, the music began & her & her prince appeared. They were all so excited, but nothing could match Asher's pure joy. It was a great night & Asher was thrilled when Tiana jumped with her on the trampoline, but not so thrilled when Tiana asked if she could take Adley home-lol. Good times, GREAT memories!!!

-M&M Momma

1 on 1 with Tiana

Sisters sliding together= LOVE

Jumping with the princess

Trying to take Addie-Bear

"Look! No hands!"

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