Thursday, April 11, 2013

California Adventure-Day 1:

So, my Super Daddy & I randomly decided that now was as good of time as any to take the ladies on their very first trip[ to Legoland in Carlsbad, Cali. I knew it would be something that all the ladies would enjoy, but I also knew it was an experience that my real life Bob the Builder would just be blown away by (Asher).

After wrangling a house/dog sitter & some crazy detailed packing, we were ready to go!!! I absolutely love taking my kids on trips. To some the thought may seem a lil' daunting, "Taking 4 kids that are 4 years old & below on a round trip--No thank you!", but it is really not that bad at all-FUN even. Packing has to be the craziest part, but once you jump over that hurdle then you are good to go. You do not only need enough outfits for each day, but also need back up outfits & back up outfits for the back up outfits. Tons of panties, socks, various shoes to match each day,  jewelry, bows, hygiene supplies, pillow pets, blankets, busy bags, snacks, water bottles, diapers, bibs, formula, sippies, car music, swimsuits for multiple days, towels,Old Faithful (the Ikea potty) & the list goes on. But as I said, once you get all that down & some strategic mommy planning, you are good to go!

We gave the ladies a nice bath the night before & put them in their travel clothes before bed, so when we got them up at 3am, it was basically straight to the potty & then straight to the car. A great breakfast while on car rides for the kiddos is a sippy with milk & a good o' cup of cereal. for the girls we chose cereal with raisins which kept them so busy. They would get so excited every time they would find a golden raisin treasure. Around 6am, the ladies were really up & enjoying the ride so I thought why not throw in the new cd they had selected the day before at the store. Bad choice on my behalf, lol. The most peppy music ever, it was good the first 3 times through, but soon I decided to bust out with the coloring books & pencils. Daddy was very thankful, lol.

Once we arrived in Carlsbad, we grabbed some breakfast at Subway & headed to the mall for some shopping!!! I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the mall. They had a good variety of stores & it was very fresh & clean. The absolute highlight for me was the mall family bathroom believe it or not, lol. Before you laugh at me, please let me describe this amazing place. It was as big as a decent size apartment. They were at least 6 private nursing rooms, 6 changing stations with mirrors on the roof for the babies to look at themselves, a microwave, couches, a huge fish tank, tvs, a playroom for the kids, & EVERYTHING a mommy could want. It was impressive & clean. We definitely need to take note over here at our malls, haha. Seriously though, if you visit the mall in Carlsbad, you will see what all the hype is about.

Well, after a wonderful time shopping, we decided to hit the beach before checking into the hotel. We found a wonderful spot that was just the right amount of busy, but not crazy crowded. The girls were like fish to water....Well, they were mostly into playing in the sand. Asher & Austin made their own lil wading pools & Aidann was totally mesmerized by building castles, collecting shells, & being buried! Adley even got in on the acting. She was not finicky at all & loved the wet sand & trying to eat We spent way longer at the beach then we planned, but it was just EVERYTHING! We ate some muffins & then finally headed to the hotel. After baths, we all passed out right away. I don't think we even ate dinner until 9 o' clock at night, grilled chicken pizza (Yummo!).

Well, the next 2 days we went to Legoland & I can't wait to share about that!!!

-M&M Momma

Breakfast anyone?

Chillin' on a potty break


Only a glimpse of the family bathroom paradise, lol

Just dancing through the mall

The "Princess Store" (Aka Disney Store)
Their Fav!!!

She got a new Jasmine swimsuit= BEAMING!

Beach time!

A lil' concerned her sister was going
to be swept away by waves


Girls can love CARS too!

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