Monday, April 15, 2013

California Adventure-Day #2 Legoland Begins!

Day #2 was finally time for our Legoland adventure to begin! All the ladies were excited as we pulled up to the park, but my lil' builder was definitely the most excited to get in there & get started!

Right away I was pretty impressed with a park. They have incorporated a lot of mommy-friendly features that I appreciated. They have a few mommy centers that offer a mother anything she might need-places to breastfeed, change diapers, etc. There are also a lot of family bathrooms available that made it so we never had to wait to use a restroom. I also liked how even though the park had the classic amusement park foods, they had just as many healthy foods to offer as well. The lil' shops also have a nice feature where you can buy your souvenirs at anytime during your visit & they will send them to the front to pick up later when you are ready to go. Another cool feature I have to mention about the park are the mini play areas where you can let your kiddos play while you wait in line for the longer rides. You can watch them build & then grab them when it is time to get on the ride. Sanitizer is also readily available, which is nice. If someone was to go to this park pregnant, a good deal of the younger rides are calm enough to where a pregnant mom can participate as well. In addition to offering a lot of rides, Legoland has SO much more then that to do. I loved the variety of activities that encourage kids to think & use their imaginations, not just video games & virtual shows.

I really liked how Legoland had so many things to offer for all ages. My youngest, almost 1 years old, was able to ride 3 different rides surprisingly. As a family we were also able to enjoy a fun interactive show together, dig for dinos, play on a fun lil' playground made for younger kids, & more. I will say that if you have older kids who are more aware, make sure they are at least 34" tall. Our lil' Aussie (2 years old) thinks she is so big, but unfortunately is only 33" tall. She wanted so much to get on everything her sisters did, but sometimes she fell a lil' short height wise. Fortunately, some of the Legoland staff let her on quite a few rides anyway, but it still would have been better if she was 1 inch taller, lol.

Overall, Legoland is definitely an awesome amusement park for the whole family. It caters to a younger audience, but for my family it was perfect. The girls had the best time & already want to go back soon. Also,  their new Legoland Resort is very interactive & if you have the extra money, you should definitely check it out. We were supposed to go the water park, but there was a bit of a breeze the days we were there so we skipped it. The Sea Life exhibit was definitely  an enjoyable extra. Hopefully you found all of this info to be helpful. Oh, 1 day will not cut it, so I definitely recommend investing 2 days minimum. :)

-M&M Momma

P.S. You MUST try the apple fries in their renaissance area before leaving the park. Truly a MUST for Legoland.

Sportin' their Legoland shirts

Who is ready for breakfast?

They enjoyed EVERY bite

Fresh out of the bath

Legoland ready!

Almost there!

Beyond excited!

Ashy buying her own Lego kit

Copying the Lego guy, lol

The park has so many interactive activities,
they wanted to touch everything!

Adley was very into this ride


Playing while mommy and daddy wait in line
for the ride

This ride was nerve-racking, but mommy
held it together

Girls doing driving school

A lil' piece of AZ lol

Mommy is a mummy

Could not believe Aid & Ash went on this ride

Aidy buying a Lego pony

Lego monkey!!!

At the Lego hotel

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