Sunday, April 28, 2013

Leaving Their Mark!

I personally love interior design and making a house look like a home. The ladies always ask if they can help and I finally found a way they could add their own personal touch (aside from their toys) to our front room. I bought 4 larger canvases, 4 smaller canvases, some paints they personally selected, and a few paint brushes.

You will definitely want to set up a painting zone, have wipes or a sink nearby, and some smocks. The night before I painted 2 layers on the larger canvases, each a different color, so they would be completely dry by the next day.

The next day, each kiddo picked a painted canvas & then each added their hand prints in a different color of paint. Later that day I added their names as well.

For the smaller canvases, they were allowed to paint whatever they wanted. It was cool to see their different techniques and color selections. Adley obviously is more interested in eating paint than painting with it, so I did my own painting with the older girls.

By the time the ladies were asleep, the paintings were all dry. I then arranged them on a wall in the front room so everyone can see them when they first walk in. The kids were so proud when they noticed them in the morning. We will definitely be adding more permanent canvas creations around the house, priceless art for sure!!! Try it....

-M&M Momma

End result

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