Tuesday, April 23, 2013

OINK, MOO, NEIGH, It's Adley's 1st Birthday!

Life is just SO amazing. Today (April 22nd) my lil' Adley officially turned 1 years old. Time flies fast, too fast. I would be lying if I said I was not a lil' happy about the wonderful birthday planning now being over, home renovations complete (at least for a lil' while), & our life just returning to "normal" for a minute & just taking it all in.

Each kid just brings something so special to the table daily. Right now my current obsessions with Adley are going to get her out of the crib every morning. I so look forward to opening her door & seeing the beautiful face perk up when I call out her nickname. I will miss this. She also has a few lil' new habits that melt my heart every time-When she waves, blows impromptu kisses, lays her head on you, mumbles like she is telling you clearly a whole speech, & does this lil' bobble head move when she gets happy. Oh, I will miss those moments. With Aussie, she has this deep voice she busts out with at the most random times that you can't help but laugh at. The crazy funny looks she can flash you, her cheesed out smile, deep rooted laughter, & random "I just love you, Mommy" all get me. Asher is so calm & sweet, but she loves to randomly lick you, lol. I am sure some of you reading this have been a victim lol. She is also just so tiny, you just want to pick her up & cuddle her all day long. Aidy is just so genuine & innocent. Some of the in depth conversations held with this child have just baffled me to the fullest lately. I cherish these times so dearly.

Well, on to the party! After months of planning, the farm literally came to our house!!! I love all the birthdays we have, but this one seriously was SO fun! Adley held her own & had a blast seeing everyone, riding a horse, experiencing sugar for the first time & everything. Good times & great memories made for sure.

-M&M Momma

Will post pictures of her actual birthday later :)

Trying to get a good picture for
the invite & capture her cute birthday
girl self.

The end result

I appreciate the details in parties I give & attend,
so I will post my party details
in case anyone finds them useful for their
farm themed event!

Hid golden eggs with prizes everywhere
 for kiddos to try & find at their leisure.
Gold is just more fun!

I knew I had to have a milk station if I was
having a farm party.
I got flavored milk straws of various
 flavors & purchased plastic milk bottles.
Plastic is best.

I bought a barn backdrop, got some props, added some
hay bales & it was good to go

There were cowboy hats & bandannas for all
the kids to enjoy...
and some adults lol

For all my kids' 1st birthday
I buy a signing frame & have guests (adults) use
ink pads & pens to create cute fingerprint
designs. Great memory saver
and super cute!

We did yellow chick peeps for party favors

As an art activity, I had tiny pots set out at a table
 with smocks for the kiddos to take home with them.

The eggs

Farm & chalkboard work so well together
so why not make food labels out  of them?

Went with wood utensils
& then stamped fun words on them.
Shovels= Spoons
Pitchforks= Forks

For weeks I tried to come up with the backdrop
for cake/food table.
I ended up making this, so farm-like & unique!

To hang pictures of birthday girl I
took old picture frames, chicken wire,
 & mini clothespins as a display.

If the animals do not give location away,
this sign could help.
Just add balloons at every turn to your
house to help guests & put
some eye catching sign
out front.

Fun cake, banana fosters!

The smash cake made by Grandma.

Ready to party!

Jars for adults to drink out of
& just add a chalk label to front.
Straws are fun too!
Milk station for the kids.

So big now!

Photo booth

Petting zoo!

The llama that ate our mini palm, lol

Aidy & Pepa

1st horse ride ever!
Like a champ.

Had a water play area in case
kiddos needed to cool down.

Friends having fun

Brushing animals. She took
her job seriously!

Addie's first ride!

My awesome childhood friend posing with
one of her kids,wow I feel...young lol

Eating up!

Dressed for the day!!!

Cookies & cream flavor-yum.

Snow cone fun!!!

One of our favorite people
& her new addition, glowing!

Fun with friends!

Dad club!

Riding toys & driving toys,
can't go wrong!

Wagon rides?
Yes, please!



Posing with her gorgeous cake!

Perfect treat!

Party was packed with love
& animals!

Waiting for a pony ride!

Pinata time!

Aussie got bonked with a candy.


Cup full of candy,
happy cowboy!

Sister time!

Trampoline fun!

Painting pot fun!

Cake time.

Wrong person nominated to light it.

Loving first sugar experienced.
Paid for it today, lol.
She had to be cut off. ha ha

Kids loved "eating animals"

Riding the pony was her favorite thing.
They named her, "Hot Dog" aka that means Minnie Mouse.

Her new man, lol.
Cute shirt, Melissa.

Looking for scraps

Farm style!

Taking time out for Aussie!

So proud, love her!

Asked to make a snow cone special for mom & dad,
melt me now!

Asher being big too!

My wonderful girls!

Cutest thing ever!

Talk about taking a theme seriously, lol

Loving her new bib!


Her new truck!

Long day, time to chill.

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