Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Popsicle Sticks & Car Tunnels

Sometimes in a day you run into "dead spots" & its time for mommy reach down deep & get creative-pull something out of nowhere. Those usually end up being the most fun adventures! Well, recently I experienced one of those spots, twice.

For one of the days I decided to roll up some construction paper to create rolls, attach them together to make a tunnel, & then we got busy sending lil' cars down our home made ramp/tunnel. The girls thought it was so fun to set up blocks at the end of it & then send the cars through the tunnel, crashing the blocks down to the ground. This lil' venture literally provided us with at least an hour of family fun!

For the next "dead spot", I pulled out a box of large popsicle sticks I had laying around & some markers. The girls & I ended up making stick dolls out of them, forming different shapes & letters, & other random fun  stick stuff.

Mommies definitely have a gift for making something out of nothing, so the next time a "dead spot" comes in your day reach deep down, get creative, & make some fun memories!!!

-M&M Momma

Aid's last game!

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