Monday, January 20, 2014

Celebrating Diversity-Happy MLK Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! This day means a lot to me personally because I got married on this wonderful holiday, but its also such a beautiful day because it is about people from different races & cultures coming together & accepting & celebrating differences.

This week I did a mini-lesson plan with my kiddos about MLK & all that he stood for. My tender-hearted Ashy ended up in tears just because she couldn't believe people could be so cruel. For the ending activity, after they got to hear Martin Luther's speech about the changes he hoped to see in our world, I had the ladies tell me their dreams.....

"I have a dream...that people will share more. That they will let people sit next to them on a bus no matter what color their skin is. People will clean up after themselves. That people will learn about Jesus. Make good choices and not bad choices. Make food for people that are hungry especially if they are pregnant daddies have to. Buy clothes and panties for people without clothes. Share with sisters. Help people that are sick with a lot of medicine." -Rosie, 3

"I have a dream...people to be nice and not always say I am a "little kid". I believe that someday people will not be mean and hit. I have a dream that all people will drive just right and not too fast. I want everyone to have clothes and stop putting trash in the water. Everyone will treat their animals nicer by giving them food and stuff. People will stop leaving their trash on the street and they will start being nicer to their house. No one dies. that no one does mean stuff to their dad and be nice to their moms." -Ashy, 4

"I have a dream that people will help each other if they don't know how to do something. People will let others go first. People will be kind and not whine. Let others know they care by sharing. Stop smoking. Help people that are right. If it is some one's birthday people will give them presents and sing "happy birthday". Help people by cooking for them. Treat animals nice by treating them the right way. Taking care of kids. Give kids who want a banana, a banana. Take away guns and knives because if they shoot someone it is not safe." Aidy, 5

By Aidy

I think exposing our children to different cultures & traditions is wonderful, so we jumped at the chance to attend a multicultural festival on the other side of town. The girls got to observe as people were proudly sworn in as American citizens, enjoy various types of music & dances from different cultures, do some fun art activities, go to a book fair, & much more! It was a great learning experience & a lot of fun! I hope that my children appreciate all of the freedom & rights people have fought so hard for & celebrate differences in this wonderful melting pot!

Have an absolutely wonderful Monday & enjoy!

-M&M Momma


"Look, Mom!"
Yes, she stuck straws to her head.

"Who ya gonna call?"
Biggest Cars fan ever!

Making sun visors

Brave kid.
I pet it too, but didn't let them
see me freaking out on the inside, lol.

Zye pretty much slept the
whole enitre time, lol.
Making crowns!

What does a fox say?

To bounce or not to bounce...?

To bounce!

Their selections from the book fair!

Stopped by their uncle's house for a visit....
and fruit! lol

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