Friday, January 24, 2014

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream 4 Ice Cream (Out for Ice Cream & Starting Cheer)

Posing before getting
 their ice cream eating on!

So many options....
a tad overwhelmed I think.


Throughly enjoying her
"cotton candy" flavored ice cream.

Sharing is caring,
that's what sisters are for!

in any ice cream or yogurt we
hide a gummie bear.
She went with mint, her favorite color.

Cleaning up her lil' sister, lol.
That is my mini-mama for sure!

Can you tell the sugar has hit?
And we got her the "healthiest" 1, lol.


Got home only to see
people had released balloons
to celebrate MLK day-they were so intrigued!

First night of CHEER!

Too bad they were not very excited....

Their new poms!

That night after class, the ladies were
so excited to tell their daddy about everything.
After rambling nonstop for like 10 minutes
and showing them some cheer moves,
Aidann eyes light up as she said, "And, Daddy. They even
have a make-up class", lol.
An easy mistake for a 5 year old to make.

The welcome speech


Learning different cheer positions

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