Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Mathematical Snack

I have heard of "sharing is caring", but in this past week's case, I would not have minded an exception to this rule. The girls were passing around a bug left & right, but now that everyone is almost back at 100%, I have a chance to sneak in a post really quick. 

Education is so important, but its the lessons that go beyond just book work that really stick with a child-the application of knowledge. For snack, I decided to create a simple "math lesson" that all of the lil' ladies could enjoy & do independently. 

I wrote out a menu in "math form" that was easy enough for Aidann to Austin to easily understand by using not only numbers, but visual examples as well. I wrote out that they would be having 2 grape tomatoes, 2 apple slices, & 7 teddy grahams (it was not until later I realized I meant bunny grahams, but whatever). I also added on that for their drink they would be drinking 1 glass of milk. Once the menu was set & all of the items were set out, each child took turns looking at the menu & independently putting together their snack plates & drink. After everyone had assembled their snack, we went over everything as a group to make sure everyone had followed the menu & we checked every one's math.

This was really fun & the ladies have requested to do another "mathematical snack" again soon. It was really easy to put together & while nurturing independence, they were also applying math knowledge at the same time!

Side-note: Two easy edu workstations I have added for the girls recently is a number recognition/counting station & a new color sorting station.

For the first station, I took an ice try & wrote numbers 1-14 (not in numerical order) in the various cubes. The ladies then have to locate the selected number (call it out, unless you want them to work independently) & count out that many beans into that cube.

The other station is just a new form of categorization with colors by simply using a serving dish & different colored manipulative squares.


*Don't forget to not only verbally explain centers to your kiddos before letting them try them out for themselves, but also model it once or twice for them first.

-M&M Momma

Mesmerized by light-up rings
while confined to the house.

Just building a fort

Outside at last!!!

Around and around she goes...

Checking out the ducks

I feel so blessed
when I catch moments
like these

Watching the mini dogs at the dog park

Time for tag!

Swings are their favorite!


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