Friday, January 10, 2014

Zye Guy Update!

I feel like he was just born just yesterday, but he now 2.5 months already!? 12lbs of complete cuteness I tell you. He is currently in size 3-6 months (I never like packing up those nb outfits, especially since he didn't even get to all of them!). He is cooing up a storm these days & smiles very easily. Zye is starting to recognize his name & gaining more & more head control every day. He adores all types of music & it usually gets him excited & "dancing" or puts him right to sleep. It currently takes 4 oz of bm to fill up his lil' belly & he is sleeping pretty much through the night (6am he likes a bottle & then back to sleep he goes until 8 or 9am-Yay!). Zye is so easy-going & chill & has fit so well into our lil' family. I couldn't imagine life without him!

-M&M Momma

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