Friday, July 1, 2011

Pottying Me Out of Gummies & Stickers

Lol, forget eating me out of house & home! These lil' girls of mine are seriously "pottying" me out of gummies & stickers". I had started to casual approach potty training lil' Asher. She was definitely showing signs that she was ready & so I decided it was time.
Well, just about 2 weeks ago a lil' light bulb must have gone off in that lil' curly top of Asher's because she decided she was so over diapers & ready to be a big girl for real. Since that moment she has not had a single accident at home. She just marches her lil' mini self right over to that potty every single time & just handles her business, pops up, & hollers down the hall "Yay, Mommy! I get a gummy & stickers!!!". Which now bring me to the topic of tonight's entry. Aidann & Asher are freaking geniuses. Now you could say, "Oh, you are just saying that because you are their mommy", but if you have been reading this blog for awhile I think you will back me up in saying they come up with & do some pretty crazy things together. Well, they both have their own lil' sticker charts for every time they use the potty. Aid is a professional at using the restroom already, but its only fair to keep her's going while her lil' sister has 1.
Just recently I have notice a pattern. More often than normal now they are constantly asking me for drinks of water. Good right? Water is so necessary, especially in this extremely hot weather. Well, what these lil' geniuses will do after consuming ridiculous amounts of liquid is take turns "sprinkling" in their lil' potty chairs. I say "sprinkling" because they will go potty just enough to get a sticker & gummies & then less than 15 minutes later they will go again & then again. After watching their potty charts fill up with stickers just about as fast as the drive-thru at Starbucks on a Monday morning & my gummy stash just about almost in red, I have now realized we have a problem! Lol. So, after much contimplation I have decide to cut them off of liquids completely & drew a big red line in the potty chair that they must reach before receiving their stickers & gummies. NO! I actually commend the deep thought they have put into this. I just need to be stock in Target now (My source of all things potty training). Ha ha!
-M&M Momma

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