Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Easter...

In addition to coloring eggs to celebrate, we also enjoyed some of the other family traditions our family has started to create like cinnamon buns for breakfast, baking carrot cake cupcakes, an easter egg hunt, & just celebrating all our many blessings with family! Good stuff, priceless. I hope you all enjoyed  the day too & remembered what this day is truly all about :)

-M&M Momma

Ready to get this party started!

Who needs a bib?! Ha ha

After realizing they look more yummy than
they actually taste

She thought putting stickers
on eggs was hilarious

Making carrot cake cupcakes
(Papa's fav)

Posing with cousins

Master Chef

Into purses already!?!

Caught mid sneeze, once again lol

Daddy's lil' buddy

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