Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adley Has Arrived!

Adley Sarah Lopez
"Wise & Just Princess"

It was just the lil' ladies & I at home Saturday & Daddy was on shift at the fire station. We had just finished up our movie night & I was wiping the messy pizza sauce from the lil' girls' faces ( and just about everywhere else they could have possibly gotten the sauce) when suddenly contractions started up. At first, I didn't really think anything of them because good o' Braxton Hicks had been frequently coming to visit me lately as each afternoon would wind down. But then they suddenly started hitting quickly & more intensely & it suddenly went from regular night time routine to "super sonic get those girlies to bed ASAP" time. I probably set some world records, lol...But seriously.

After everyone was tucked safely away, I decided to just wait things out for a second to make sure I didn't alert anyone unnecessarily. After an hour, I decided it was time to go to the hospital where J was waiting. To make a long & frustrating story short, despite walking it out & enduring continuous contractions I just dilated to a 3& then everything stopped. FRUSTRATING. So, 11pm we dragged ourselves back home. Those girls were super troopers for sure. Once again I went through the bed time routine before J & I headed off to bed ourselves. I joked with him that my water was going to break in bed so I could really gross him out. Off to Dreamland my husband went (he was going to have to head back to work in a few hours so he was super tired) & I closed my eyes hoping that I would not be too far behind him when suddenly my exact words became reality! My water broke!?!

It was kind of funny to lean over & wake up my husband to this piece of news, even though I was beyond exhausted at this point. As we waited for the babysitter to arrive (Grandma), I literally had to stand in the bath tub, lol.

Fast forward to Sunday at 8:42am & after literally only 2 minutes of pushing, my lil' miracle was finally here!

Before I move on to more details about her measurements & appearance, I want to voice just how special & important this baby is to me & what she stands for. This pregnancy I had so many things try to come against me & this precious baby. So many wonderful women around me suffered miscarriages or struggled with infertility. How my heart goes out to each & every 1 of them & how much more do I need to value this baby. At 23 weeks pregnant we were hit in a car accident where my labor started & my placenta tore. The Dr. literally came in the room & said that since it was too early in the pregnancy for them to do anything to save her all I could do was "pray that God would have mercy". For more than a month & a half I literally was not even allowed to get out of bed, complete & total bed rest. It was 1 of the most challenging things I have been through, but I also knew that nothing was too big for my God & my placenta healed itself & labor stopped. I eventually got moved to partial bed rest, but soon found myself in the hospital again at 34 weeks pregnant in full term labor. After 2 days of being unsure if they could stop it with medicine, I was finally released to go home. Being able to bring new life into this world is a huge thing & we should never take this privilege & miracle lightly. There is NO WAY I can take credit for this baby making it as long as she did & coming out perfectly healthy & whole. In fact, with my first pregnancy the Dr. said that my body & cervix were just not strong enough to handle bearing children & I should not have a lot of children. That's just not my husband or my heart & here I am 4 miracles later. Thank you everyone who has supported us over these past 4 pregnancies/4 years in countless ways. God is good & He is bigger than any problem or struggle you could have!

Now on to the details of this beautiful girl!!! She was born on 4/22/12 at 8:44am. She weighed 7lbs & is 18 1/4 inches long. She is light complected & has blonde eyelashes & eyebrows. The 1st thing my oldest noticed, "Mommy, she has no eyebrows just like me!" lol. Her hair is a very very light brown/red & her eyes are blue. She is extremely calm & literally looks like a petite lil' doll. As my husband & I always say, "We never know what we are going to get". :)

Well, thank you everyone for all the warm wishes!!!


-M&M Momma

Last picture pregnant!

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