Friday, April 20, 2012

Products You'll Love-Magnetic Dolls

Paper dolls, although they can be fun, are somewhat of a thing of the past. The clothing is constantly falling off & you constantly have to worry about your lil' 1 accidentally ripping them or bending them. The new & improved "paper dolls" are magnetic & so much fun! The clothing easily stays on & they usually come in nice organized boxes or plastic bags to keep everything in. The 2 brands that I can personally vouch for are "Melissa & Doug" as well as "Shure". I already had a princess set for the girls made by "Melissa & Doug" & the girls loved it, but when I found this set of magnetic doll triplets by "Shure" I was even more pleased. Under my super vision even Austin can get in on the fun now! Sometimes they play with them as dolls & other times they like sticking the clothes on pictures of people I already have sticking on our fridge. Your boys don't have to be left out of this 1 because they also create some cool boy packs as well, plus your girls would probably love playing with a daddy or brother. Check them out and give me your feedback! :)

-M&M Momma

They even make a house!

(Melissa & Doug)

(Melissa & Doug)

My ladies love this pack
& we can easily take it
on the go
(Great for waiting at dr. office)

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