Sunday, April 1, 2012

Numbers, The Alphabet, & Colors Oh My!

Number Activity:

Your lil' toddlers are going to love this fun activity. For the kids barely getting into the concept of numbers & counting you will need a plain laminated paper, a dry erase marker, & some cheerios or some other small treat. First take the laminated paper & section it off into quadrants. Start out with 4 of them & then clearly number them. First ask your kid to identify #1 & then have them put the correct number of cheerios in that quadrant. Then move on to #2, #3, and finish up with having them identify & then count for #4. As your child gets better at this game, you can make more quadrants. Once you reach 12, you can switch from the laminated paper to a cleaned out egg carton  that is clearly numbered if you want to change it up.

Alphabet Activity:
Aidann enjoyed this game beyond what I could have imagined. Take some flashcards & write one letter (the upper and lowercase) on each. Start at "Aa" and have child identify the letter & then its sound. Then kind of walk them through thinking about how everything in the house starts with a letter & help them find something in the house that also starts with the "Aa" sound. Have them tape the card on whatever object they found with the matching sound (like "Bb" on a bookcase). As the child gets better, allow to go out & find the object with the corresponding sound more & more independently. You can also play this activity where ahead of time you have all the flashcards already taped to objects with the corresponding sounds all around the house & then have your kid do a scavenger hunt & try to find all the whole alphabet. Remember, this is a fun & educational activity so if you walk them through the whole you can really help make sure they grasping letter & sound identification along the way :)

Only Aid would run around
doing a learning activity
with her purse

Runaway "A"

She figured out diaper bag on her own

Color Activity:
I would start this activity off by reading "White Rabbit's Coloring Book" by Alan Baker. It is a excellent way to introduce your toddlers to the idea that there are 3 primary colors that you mix to get secondary colors. After the story, fill 3 glass cups with water. Use food coloring to make one red, one blue, and one yellow. Then fill 3 other glass cups with just plain water. To begin activity, make sure child can identify each of the primary colors. Next, start with maybe the red & yellow glass cup & have your child drop a few of the red in one of the plain water cups & then put a few drops of the yellow into the same plain water cup & mix them. Walk the child through how mixing red and yellow make orange. Continue this activity until you have created all the secondary colors. Your child will love using the dropper & watching new colors take shape right before their eyes. This activity can also be done with paints or playdoh.


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