Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back

Although pregnancy is an absolutely wonderful & miraculous thing, the post-pregnancy body often looks & feels a lil' less glamorous to the average woman. We know technically we have the excuse, "You just had a baby", but it would still be so nice if we could bust out with some "I Dream of Jeanie" moves & blink our bodies back to pre-baby shape in no time at all. But the reality is that life is not a television show & getting that much desired body back definitely takes time & we have to learn to be okay with that on a level. Especially when its not your first rodeo or you are a lil' "older", you have to really learn to be a lil' more patient with your body & realize you can & will get back there with time.

Myself, starting back down the "Road to Recovery" (lol) for now my 4th time, you would think that I would almost be a veteran at keeping my mind in check & realizing I need to be patient & positive, but the fact is I still have to remind myself continually & keep my tongue in check. The first person I kind of want to throw my feelings on about my body is definitely my husband, but what does that really help? I want him to see me as sexy & attractive, but how can he do that when I am constantly complaining about unwanted weight or "battle scars" all the time? How crazy does that sound to be continuously pointing out to him the exact same flaws I am hoping he won't see? As women, I think we do this a lot. Even when we have not just had a baby. We may not always feel comfortable with the number on the scale or the appearance of our butt, but on a level we need to just "fake it 'til we make it" (believe it). Confidence is often even more attractive than actual appearance.

In the process of "getting sexy back", I have also realized that I need to watch my communication around my lil' ladies especially. My husband took a picture of the kids & I playing outside with the play pool. After he snapped the photo I asked him if I could see the picture. He showed it to me & almost immediately I began to feel self concious & pick it apart. I caught myself saying aloud, "I look a lil' chunky in that one. Could you please take another?".  Again, not only was I putting myself down to my husband, but that is also not the message I want to be sending to my girls. Do I want them to be healthy & in good shape? Of course, but I don't want to give them a complex & let weight absolutely control their lives. Its important to take care of yourself, but outward image is not everything. I have to make sure I look in the mirror & say, "Wow, I am beautiful" (make-up on or not) for not only my own sake, but for my girls. I need to believe it & be happy with myself & I want them to be the same.

This is like the 4th edition to the "Body After Baby" post, but being a woman it is a constant thing we deal with & have to put ourselves in "check" about. I am very happy with this family I have & I would go through the whole process of having kids a hundred times over. So here I go, back down the road to getting the body back. Its definitely not my total focus, life is too short to let it rule you & people are more important, but I know with hard work & time I will get back there soon enough :)

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