Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Eventful Saturday

The ladies 1st time fishing!

She was so excited she
didn't know what to do with herself

Watching Daddy put
the worm on.

Fishing and lovin' it!

Aidann & Grandpa

Daddy & his Ashy

Playing with the innocent ducks

Taking a break to
enjoy the playground

Worms for fun!

Chillin' on the sidelines,
for now

Time to wash the cars.
We teach them our
family is a team
& we work together
to help keep it running :)

Taking a moment out for my littlest angel

Rosie was more interested in the bubbles,
go figure!

The Ladies playing salon/dr. office
with daddy, lol

Football hold anyone?
Raise your hand
if you are exhausted

Don't even know how she
got from the bed to here, lol

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