Saturday, June 8, 2013

Poppers, Popsicles,& Pool!

Well, I just got back from a wonderful & relaxing camping trip with the family this week (post on that fun later!) and we didn't waste any time getting right back into life.

Once Memorial Day was over, I was on a mission to find "poppers". I would definitely be a lil' apprehensive to let my ladies get their fingers on real fireworks, but poppers gave just enough "pop" to do the trick. So, we put on our "ok to get dirty clothes" (and of course no outfit is complete without plastic princess heels) & headed outdoors to start the fun! The ladies loved taking those things & slamming them against the cement. I was glad I had purchased so many boxes because they definitely did not want the fun to stop! Adley was definitely amused watching & hearing the fun.

After the popping was done, it was getting pretty hot & so we busted out with some Otter-Pops. They are such an awesome thing to always have on hand in the summer. Definitely not an every day thing, but on occasion they are a fun way to cool down. As the girls were finishing up their Popsicles I went inside for just a moment & by the time I had come back out, the girls had somehow ended up in their itty bitty plastic pool with their clothes on (Lol. Thanks, Super J). Its amazing how lil' it takes to amuse those kiddos. I guess it helped them to not be so sticky.

Good times! I will definitely cherish these very simple yet amusing moments. They grow up too fast & you just have to make every day count!!!

-M&M Momma

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Amusing Addie-Bear!

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