Sunday, June 23, 2013

The 1st BIG Recital & "Den Mother" Adventures!

Well, the girls had their 1st BIG ballet recital this past week. It was definitely an awesome moment to see all their work pay off. They have come such a long way since the beginning of the year & Asher (who started the class early at 2 years old & is by far the youngest) held her own.

For their mini Christmas recital I got to experience being a "den mother" & had a great time, so this time around when the opportunity arose, I volunteered to do it again. If you do not know, a "den mother" is one of the ones back stage who watches the kiddos before, during, & post recital until pick-up. Now, please keep in mind that the Christmas recital was way shorter & took place much earlier in the day, this recital was about an hour and a half longer (Plus, the extra hr early the kids have to show up), took place much much later at 7pm, & our class was not up until more than half way through the thing.

Now keeping 3 & 4 year olds entertained & clean in a not so clean back room somewhere is a lot harder than it sounds. There were at least 9 other classes in the mix & it all definitely made for a good time. I swear the whole experience felt like something out of a television show. At 1 point a child got into her bag & had "put on her own bright red lipstick"...EVERYWHERE, a child got locked in a bathroom stall with a funky lock, another kid decided to slide across the floor & shred her tights, a kid decided she desperately need to use the bathroom 1 minute before  leaving to perform, & another child decided to take it upon herself to bust out with melting chocolate snacks purple kool-aide right before time to leave for their dance. It seriously was a grip of fun, but definitely an experience for sure. By the time the 9:30pm finale arrived, those kiddos were so ready for bed that we practically had to carry some of them to the stage, but it was great. They really are awesome kids & held out like troopers.

Once everything was over, my lil' ladies were absolutely delighted to be greeted by so many family members, friends, flowers, & gifts. It was SO sweet how so many took the time out & even went to such great detail to select their favorite colors of flowers. Now being so late you would think these kiddos would be more than ready for bed, but they actually just wanted to get some food. So, we found a restaurant that was still open, the girls chowed down & had some more fun, & then slept like babies on the way home.

Well, now its on to even bigger adventures like tap & t-ball! I am super excited & SO proud. They love dancing & it has definitely been a delight to watch them do it!!!

-M&M Momma

Getting ready for
dress rehersal

Post dance,
loving it!

Ready for night church

Ready for the big show!!!

Keeping them busy,
2hrs until their turn!!!

Getting their eat on!

Ready to hit the stage at last!

Getting ready for the finale

Sisterly love

Posing with their wonderful instructor,
love her!

So proud

Ready to eat!
(Like 10:30pm, lol)

Cheesin' with her special gift!

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