Sunday, June 16, 2013


Because of Super J's profession, he had to work today. We went down to the station & enjoyed a nice brunch with him & our firefighter family. We also consumed some brownies I slaved over for like 15 minutes (selecting them from the bakery department at Safeway, purchasing them, & then caring them back to the hot van with 4 lil' ladies, lol). It was a good time as always & the ladies were WAY excited to see him.

Our Father's Day celebration for our family took place back on Thursday. The girls & I got up super early so that they could make their daddy a special card, wrap his present, & make breakfast. After thoroughly covering their toast slices with grape jelly (daddy does not prefer the more delectable strawberry like mommy), we made out way back upstairs to wake up daddy. Who doesn't like to be woken up by lil' girl giggles & tickles? It was a great morning & dad loved the Wii the ladies had picked out for him.

After a nice family breakfast in bed, we hosed down the sticky kids, got dressed, & headed out to 1 of daddy & the ladies' favorite spots-STAR (aka Starbucks)! After the girls sipped their water & daddy got some caffeine, we enjoyed the Red Store (Target) for a lil' while & then went shopping for some new clothes & etc for J.

After a lot of shopping (I snuck in a few maternity clothes for myself & the expanding belly), we hit up  1 of our family spots for our favorite pizza, BBQ chicken!!! It definitely did not disappoint. Later that night J & I enjoyed some sushi---Well, he did. I got some other items off the menu that were just as tasty & preggo safe-got some yogurt, did a lil' more shopping, & then headed home where I was able to beat him at Wii bowling & enjoy a good movie. 

All in all it was another great Father's Day! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful & strong partner in life to grow our family with. The years have just been getting better & look forward to many more! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.

-M&M Momma

Adding their jelly to the toast

Taste testing, how thoughtful!

Coloring together


Eagerly awaiting the pizza

Laughing it up!


Setting up his new toy-Wii

Date time

Yes, please.
Be back soon!!!

Visiting daddy

Giggling with daddy, again.
Those 2, lol

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