Monday, November 4, 2013

Aidy, Ashy, & Aussie's Rockin' Birthday!

Zye wanted to party with his sisters,
but has a few more weeks
at home.

Ready to party!

Ready to go,
 they even have their VIP passes!

Even the paps showed up!?!

with themselves-lol

Walking the pink carpet!

The tables are set

Lets play

Even the ceiling
was "superstarred" out!

"Dora Rocks!" playing in the background

More VIPs have arrived!


Even Daddy was shocked by the speed

Yes, adults may play too!

Pretty pregnant ladies

Not sure about
the bouncy house-yet

"Don't look at me"-lol

Even the dads got in on
the rock climbing

Aid's favorite activity

Even Rosie tried

Ready for cake!




They got to be sung to one
at a time.
SO much love!

Mmm Mmm good!

Dig in! 

SO much fun with so many friends!

I think he missed us

Present time,


Football time!

Aidann enjoying her present

Zye all ready
for his first family

We ran into sprinklers

Zye got his first "bath"

Daddy now understands
"the squirt"

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