Saturday, November 23, 2013

You Glow Girl!

With most of our time being spent at home these days, trying to keep the baby home as much as possible until he is 6 weeks, I definitely have been getting creative with fun & new activities for the ladies to do at the house.

The other night I was cleaning out some drawers & came across some leftover glow sticks from the 4th of July. I remembered seeing on Pinterest a few times about a glow stick bath & decided it would be a fun thing to try with the ladies.

The next afternoon before bed I broke out with the glow sticks for bath time. With it getting dark so early now, the activity worked out great. The girls loved messing with the variety of glow stick colors & types in the water & they seriously ended up taking an hour bubble bath with them. We will definitely be trying this activity again & I definitely recommend it. If you just pick up some sticks at your local dollar store, it makes for an inexpensive, mess-free, & fun activity that all your kiddos can enjoy!

-M&M Momma

P.S. 2 weeks left and then I will be back to posting as usual (Zye will be 6 weeks and hoping to have a lil' more Until then, I thought I would catch up on some pictures!

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Adley hanging out
with her brother after
her bath.

The ladies all ready for a friend's
I had to stay home so daddy
was on picture duty!

My Zye-burrito!

Getting his style on!

And he is out

Meeting someone who
is going to be VERY big in his life!

Banana and Red Store time!
Our family favorite!

"Please, NO pictures!"

Block time!
(Aid is pretending to be pregnant)

Crib time!

This is the
"I just got caught face".

My lil' raccoon with
his raccoon.

Playing doctor.
She is apparently pregnant
with twins!?!

I have no clue what just went down,
but they are all asleep.
Sister sleepover!

Just another Saturday at
the tee ball field

Brother & sister-LOVE

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