Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rosie!

Some goodies for her

3 Roses from her daddy

Breakfast in bed!

Her outfit of choice

Candy store time!

Aussie buying candy for everyone.

Birthday apple juice

Next adventure, Build-A-Bear

I mean, penguin!
"Hee-Hill" to be exact.
When I asked what that meant,
 she said simply-"A fish"

7 hearts for a family of 7

She has her panties,
look complete!

Her new ride
(Not tall enough to reach pedals yet)

Time to shop!

Kind of makes you thirsty!

Another day of treats with family!

Toy store time

She adores pirates...random lol

"What toy to choose?!"

Dinner time at "Rainbow Robin"

Outfit change!

"Happy Birthday" song

...and the cherry on top!

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