Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Review for "Frozen"-Most of The A-Team's 1st Movie!

So, a few months back I started as much research as I possibly could on the not yet released Disney movie, "Frozen". I do not let my ladies watch a lot of television & had held off on the whole theater experience for all of them for awhile because I always like to see a movie before letting them watch it. In a theater, that is kind of an expensive thing to do & a lot of the movies that have been coming out for kiddos recently I do not really approve of for my girls (Just a personal preference).

When I saw the preview for this Disney movie I got a lil' excited, "Could this possibly be a Disney princess movie I could take my girls to see & be okay with?". I had to get creative with my research since the movie was not out yet & went out immediately to the children's section of our favorite Red Store to check out the Disney book which is always released first. From the book I could tell there was a "villain" which is to be expected & a large snowman that could be a lil' scary in a barely 3 year old's eyes. Aside from that, it seemed like a good story with an excellent lesson about sisters & how they should always love each other & stick together no matter what! Perfect story for a family of 4 sisters, right? I then decided I would take a leap of faith & take my oldest 3 to see the movie.

Now in preparation for the movie I explained to my girls that there would be a large snowman that could seem a lil' scary, but it is not real. They could always close there eyes if they did not feel very comfortable with a part. The next thing I did for preparation for the ladies' first movie was....You guessed it-Outfits! There was even a mommy-size Elsa shirt that I had to hook up for myself. The ladies asked me how come daddy didn't get one too? I proceeded to tell them that they did not make it daddy's size. He lucked out on that one, lol.

The day of, the ladies were more than excited! We decided to go to the first show of the morning in hopes of avoiding the crowds of other kiddos that were also probably super excited for the movie's release. That morning I got the kiddos all dressed & then of course they requested hairstyles similar to the characters on the shirts (they had actually received the Barbie figures of them for their birthdays as well which was super cute). So, after hooking Aidann up with an "Elsa", Asher with an "Anna", & just tryign to squeeze a braid out of Aussie Rose's short hair we were finally off to the movie!

After a few previews, (I didn't favor all the previews, but the girls were fine with the exception of one "close your eyes" for "Maleficent") the movie began!

I have to say that I was very happy/impressed with Disney this time around. They didn't throw in all those adult jokes that they have been peppering in their films lately, there weren't any terrifying witches or out of control black magic, & the songs were so fun & catchy. It was like the old Disney I used to know & love! My husband & I had a great time along with them because it was funny & entertaining without trying too hard.

The only "things" that I saw or heard if we want to get knit picky was the word "butt" being used a few times,  the parents die when their boast crashes (they don't show too much, just for the overly sensitive kid), some of the bad guys actions like leaving Anna to freeze & raising a sword to Elsa & lying weren't nice, & then the "mean snowman" (he is just trying to protect the castle, nothing big) were the only things I remember. Seriously though, they were nothing compared to most kids' movies today.

I definitely recommend this film for the family. I like that the main message was not all about finding a prince so much as family loving each other unconditionally & sticking up for each other no matter what! I will definitely be buying the movie, soundtrack, & probably more toys from "Frozen" lol.

-M&M Momma

Ready to get this party started!

You can't tell here,
but it was kind of funny that
Austin & Asher did not weigh enough
to keep their seats down... lol

Passing the time!

Her "Elsa braid"!

I missed my Z!

I missed my Bear!

Chillin' with Mama!

Ending the day with CHURCH!

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