Friday, March 21, 2014

Hot in the Dollar Spot

So, on a recent mission to Target, I somehow got a lil' distracted & found myself taking a mini detour to the dollar spot where I came across Crayola bath time fun galore! They had the Crayola Bath Dropz that my kiddos always love, you drop a small "drop" in the tub & it "magically" changes the bath water to a different color, but they also had some new stuff. The Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap definitely caught my eye. I immediately snatched up whatever paint colors were left. Apparently, every one else at the "Red Store" wanted these paints too. I ended up with radical red raspberry, electric lime green, & laser lemon yellow! They probably had more colors available, but like I said, apparently everyone wanted these paints too!

As soon as we got home, a trail of the girls clothes & shoes could be found leading right to the bathtub before I even got a chance to close the front door. I assigned each kid a corner of the bath tub to paint & decorate. The girls loved the soap paints! Yellow was a lil' lighter than I would have liked, but the other colors worked pretty well. They loved painting the tub, themselves, & each other. I will say, the red is a lil' more of a headache to wash off if you have....How do I say? More pale skin, sorry Aidy & Addie, but I would do it again. I would also recommend warning your kiddos in advance that the paint is in fact soap so they should not touch their eyes (Keep a towel nearby in case they forget--Sorry, Adley, lol) & also having a parent teammate nearby to help clean the tub out while you dress your wet kiddos. So, yes I would recommend this product, but beware of the red that will of course be the hit color with the kiddos!

-M&M Momma

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