Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Marker Mystery

Living things have been so attracted to me lately. I have been finding myself in some pretty random situations with some of God's lil' living creatures this week that have been absolutely amusing.

The other morning, after a wonderful breakfast, we decided to take advantage of the awesome weather & go for a family walk. The girls love taking walks together, but their favorite part is if we stop off at the neighborhood park to play for a few minutes so they can play towards the end. Well, this day was one of those days & we ended the walk with some park fun. The highlight had to be when a parakeet came out of nowhere & landed right on their dad's back without warning & he jumped up so high. Of course I had to laugh at my husband & that's when the bird jumped of of him & headed for me lol. I swear, we spent a good 20 minutes trying to catch that thing (the ladies loved every single second of it).

Yesterday, was even more exciting. After Z-Guy's doctor appointment we usually stop for doughnuts. Well, right when we pulled up, a huge & very angry wasp flew into the van. My husband gallantly fought him off while I got the kiddos out of the van at lightning speed. Well, after my husband got rid of him & all that drama was behind us, we got back into the van to head home. Well, guess who wasn't dead yet & extremely pissed off? He started darting around the van like crazy. Off course I wanted to scream like a lil' baby & freak out in worry that he was going to sting 1 of my kids but I kept my cool until my husband somehow managed to pull over with that wasp all up in his face. I think I set the world record for pulling 5 kids out of the car in under 10 seconds, lol. It took a few minutes, but my husband finally killed that thing-For sure this time. We also had all the girls take turns stepping on the wasp (conquering any fear & empowering them).

Well, now that I've shared my lil' creature adventures, on to the main topic of this post! My ladies absolutely adore all things art, coloring being at the absolute top of the list. Well, lately I have been finding more dried out markers without lids & a few more broken crayons than the normal. We definitely teach our ladies about being good stewards over their things & while I understand the occasional crayon is going to get broken or marker is going to lose its lid, it was getting a lil' out of control-Of course I have a feeling who the lil' blonde culprit is most of the time. But I will say with so many kiddos coloring constantly, it can be hard to keep track of who is doing what, so I decided to come up with a new system in our house for art time that will let me better track who is being responsible with the art supplies & who might need a lil' more training.


I threw everything away! Mean right? Lol, well I didn't stop there. I purchased a new box of crayons, pencils, markers, & kid lap trays for each child. Then I wrote the kids' names on every crayon, pencil, & marker (and marker lid). From now on when each child colors, they will use their lap tray which has all their arts supplies & paper. If I find art stuff on the floor or not taken care of properly, I will be able to track that child down a lot more easily & work on fine tuning their ability to be a good steward & responsible over their things. So far the ladies seem to like the idea & I do as well. I'll keep you posted!

-M&M Momma

Child lap tray

Such a fun party to celebrate
reading and Dr. S!

One fish, two fish, red fish....

Putting together their Cat in the Hat

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