Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sunday Funday Pictures, And Then There Was One

I usually post "Sunday Funday" pictures, but this week every kid was out of commission except Aussie. I think she did enjoy getting to go to church special with just mommy though & on the way home she asked if we could buy something special for all her sister because she missed them. Who could say "no" to that, right? SO, we made a quick detour to Quick Trip before heading back home to the crew. She thoroughly enjoyed selecting flavors of slushies for each sister based off of their favorite colors, lol. She even more so enjoyed taste testing her sisters' drinks to make sure they tasted alright.

Altogether it was a pretty good weekend. The girls felt wonderful until they had slight coughs Sunday morning. Saturday they got to enjoy a wonderful birthday party at an indoor amusement park. The highlight of that whole day was seeing Aussie's face when she got on the roller coaster for the first time (first ride they picked when they got there too, lol). She was sandwiched in between her two older sisters and when the ride started, her face said IT ALL. It took everything in me not to roll on the floor laughing (in the nicest way possible). You could tell she was absolutely terrified, but did not scream for a second or shed 1 tear. I was proud of that tough cookie. And then when she finally thought it was all over, the ride decided to go in reverse. Geez. Needless to say, she only went on that particular ride once, but had an absolute blast on everything else.

Well, that was our weekend :)

-M&M Momma

Little does Austin know.....

A few more inches and she can ride too!

The favorite ride I think

The birthday girl

Golf time!

Enjoying some pizza

"What's up"

Waiting for his bath time

Silly girl

And they're out!

Helping mommy make ants on a log

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