Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm a Big Kid NOW!

So, in preparing for this new lil' bun in the oven, it was finally time to start getting serious & make decisions on some needed renovations to the girls' room. Its true that we could simpily split the girls down the middle & put 2 in one room & then 2 in the other, but I honestly have had no serious problems with the 3 of the sharing a room so far. Its actually quite the opposite. They have really bonded & seem to be less focused on themselves rather than the needs of their sisters. People ask me about how on earth I get them to sleep through the night if 1 is crying & so forth, but honestly they just learn to sleep through. Plus, with all 3 of them being so close, it would be hard to just tear 1 of them from the mix to be with the new baby. So, as of right now all the lovely ladies will be sharing a room.

I definitely did not realize how hard it was going to be on me to say "bye" to those toddler beds. We went browsing for new bed possibilities, not expecting to buy, & the next thing I knew we had a brand new boxed up bunk bed w/ trundle lying on our living room floor & I was being "forced" to tell my girls to enjoy because it was going to be their last night in their toddler beds. I seriously wanted to cry, part horomones I am sure. They were so excited they wanted to seriously just sleep on the box that night! Please, slow down. So, I took like a zillion pictures of them with their toddler beds & videotaped & the next day the remodeling began...

They were SO excited when they saw their big girl bed for the 1st time. We had to drop by the store to pick up a few things (oh yeah, moved to semi-bed rest now!) & Aidann started shouting to random strangers about how now she had a "real" big girl bed. Lol. Well, their 1st night actually went off without a hitch, like they had been sleeping in that thing for years & I guess I am going to be okay with this big change. I have to. The girls even beg to go to sleep now?!?!

Next big step, moving Austin out of the crib. I am SO not ready to even start thinking about that 1 yet. Lol...

-M&M Momma

The end of a chapter...tear

Trying to sleep on their new bed...
Well, the boxes anyway lol ;)

A lot of pictures, but invaluable later on!

1st time seeing new bed all put together!

Princesses & ponies, we'll have to sneak on the real
comforter later lol
Girls & their pink!

And the next day bunk beds
became a tent!

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