Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pregnancy Update

We are approaching the tail end of the pregnancy. Its definitely had some interesting twists & turns, ups & downs, but I would not trade it for anything because I know what a beautiful miracle I get at the end. :)

I have to mention that J has definitely been a trooper through this journey. After seriously being pregnant for 4 years straight, I don't even think my husband remembers what the "normal" me is like. The crazy things that transpire as a result of hormones from 4 straight pregnancies even makes me have to laugh sometimes...or cry lol. But I would not trade this for anything. Pregnancy & kids are truly the best gift in life!

My lil' ladies have definitely enjoyed this pregnancy-listening to the heartbeat, talking to her through the bellybutton (or the "doorbell" as they like to refer to it), getting kicked in the face more than once by a foot or hand here & there, & even getting to experience seeing her in an ultrasound once.

At 1 point I told Aidann how the baby is in water in my belly. That really sent her lil' mind in a whirl. Aidann had to then stop to think for a moment before asking me, "Is she swimming naked in there & is her swim teacher in there too?!". Oh my gosh, I love how lil' kids minds work. They will forever keep you rolling.

Well, as everything winds down I want to be sure & take the time to thank everyone for their support through the ups & downs this pregnancy presented whether it was cooking a meal, dropping by for a quick visit, or just sending some kind words my way. I love you all!!!

-M&M Momma

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