Saturday, February 4, 2012

OJ Confessions

I completely blame the following incident on pure pregnancy & lack of getting out much anymore. J had just finished up the girls baths & he was sending them to me 1 by 1 to get their hair done. Well, I had my lil' Ashy on my lap & was meticulously combing through her curls while downing a lil' orange juice when suddenly Aidann jumped up like a mad woman & darted towards her Elmo potty chair. She quickly sat down, started going to the bathroom (sounded like a faucet turned on full blast), & let out the biggest & most funny sigh of relief ever. Just then, of course, I had justt taken a big swig of orange juice & could not keep my composure at this hilarious sight/sound. As hard as it is to admit the following, YES I REALLY DID, I spit out all my orange juice all over the innocent bystander sitting on my lap!!! So much for the new pajamas & nicely combed curls. The skinny mini was now drenched in oj from hair to toe. I so wanted to cry for her, but because of crazy hormones I also kind of wanted to laugh because I really could not believe what a horrible thing I had just done. Asher turned & looked at me so helpless & innocent with her lil' doe eyes completely drenched & sticky like "What on earth have you just done to me?" & Austin started screaming at the sight of the orange shower that had just been projected everywhere.

Needless to say Asher forgave me & we got her all cleaned up, but I can't help still semi laughing even as I am writing this. Its like one of those crazy scenes out of a sitcom or something. I feel so bad. But yeah, now that I have told on myself I do feel a lil' better. I know some of you mommies out there have similar stories of absolutely insane things you have done while pregnant, so stop laughing  & shaking your head at me lol.

Have a good night all! Good stuff...

-M&M Momma

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