Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Words Cannot Express...

Greetings All of You Faithful M&M Readers,

I am so happy to be back on this thing, its amazing! My family has been through a lot this past month, but we have only come out stronger & closer than ever. The baby & I are doing much better, thank you for all of the love & support, but I am still pretty much confined to the bed or a nice comfy chair for now. Still, you know I did not let those circumstances keep this mommy "down". I have been forced to get even more creative & "hire" a new photographer for some adventures (Thanks, Babe lol). This blog officially turned 1 years old January 22nd, 2012 & I have enjoyed ever moment of writing this thing. Now, 30 listed "followers" & over 9000 views later, I am so glad/honored that my words have been able to help, encourage, inspire, or simply just make you laugh or realize you are not alone in this whole parenting thing. So, without further delay lets get back into this thing!!!

-M&M Momma

A few random photos. Some are before everything happened & I wasn't able to get them up. Enjoy :)

The "bump" has definitely
gotten a lot bigger since this!!!

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