Friday, March 9, 2012

2 Funny

Now that I am entering the tail end of the pregnancy, sometimes I really have to give myself an extra motivational speech when I wake up in the morning to get not only get out of bed but a lil' more dressed up than just sweats & a huge t-shirt, do the make-up & straighten the hair. Well, I have been doing a pretty good job at it the past 2 weeks.

Yesterday after running lots of errands in a cute lil' maternity dress I decided I had earned an afternoon in some sweats & a decent shirt while I hung out with the husband. After at least an hour spending time with my husband, I suddenly realized that while I had successfully taken off my dress, I had completely forgotten my slip. Here I was walking around the house thinking I was so cute & comfy & my loving husband was letting me walk around like a total & complete dork! Maybe he forgot that I can seriously no longer see past my ever expanding belly. I have even forgotten what feet look like!?! Lol!

It was part funny, but on the other hand it really got me thinking, what other embarrassing stuff have I unintentionally done out in public that he has not told me about???

Its the joys of pregnancy I tell you... :) You gotta love it & completely hate it at the same time. And then there are other times you just have to laugh at yourself, because there is really nothing else you can do about it!

-M&M Momma

I wish I was joking...

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