Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Creative Solution 4 Quick Snacks

If you have kiddos that range from multiple ages (i.e. at different eating capability levels) & you are a mommy who is constantly on the go, maybe a lil' trick I have discovered might help save you some time.

I am absolutely obssessed with cute lil' ziplocks. Not only are they great for portioning out snacks ahead of time for your own convience, but your children will feel really special to have a lil' baggy of surprise delights just for them.

I am constantly seeking out not just plain ziplock baggies, but I love getting the ones with different patterns, colors, & characters on them. This makes life so much more convient because after I go grocery shopping I immediately start portioning out snacks for my girls in advance. It saves so much time when I have to get out of the house in a hurry or the girls just need a quick lil' snack between meals.

I usually have at least 2 different ziplock patterns on hand when I pack snacks. My 2 older girls can handle the snacks that are hard & require a lof of chewing while my 16month old who is currently only sporting 5 teeth definitely has a more limited range on the snacks she can eat right now. To make things easy for myself, my husband, & the girls I will pack Austin's in one of the patterns (for example the heart ziplocks) & I will pack the older girls snacks in the other pattern (for example the Cars themed ziplocks). This way I can grab snacks on the appropriate level from the fridge or pantry quickly or any of the other members of my family.

Another quick note, not only do the different patterns make things a lil' more fun for your kids, but you can also pack more than one type of snack in each ziplock to add to the fun & surprise of what is in their baggie today! Why not make your own healthy trailmix or pack a bag full of crackers & gummies? Get creative!

Quick snack ideas:
Organic popcorn or chips, crackers, rasins, grapes, fruit gummies, pretzel sticks, cheese cubes, cereal, trailmix, fishies, Cuties oranges, & etc.

Those tiny bottled waters are also great to keep on hand for those times you are in a rush & might not have time to fill up sippy cups. Plus, much healthier & less messy than juice boxes! :)

-M&M Momma

Making music!

Getting their snack on!

Hangin' out with Noah at the ladies'
1st spring training game.

Enjoying some snacks

More sunscreen please

Loves her daddy!

Aussie sporting her post juice spill attire, lol

Memories made with family are priceless!

Feelin' oh so pregnant, lol

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