Friday, March 23, 2012

"Get Off Your Butt!"

Okay, so that title is a lil' bit harsh, but there is a point to be made here. I think in today's society, although it is usually unintentionally, we have created many children that are extremely self-focused. They could kind of careless about what is going on around them as long as they are happy & their needs are being met. But I think it is time to change all that & shift the focus!

When kids are busy playing & someone nearby falls or trips, we need to encourage our children to stop whatever they are doing & go over to ask that child if they are okay? I know I have mentioned this 1 before, but you would be surprised how many kids could absolutely care less.

Another awesome thing to install in our children is to put others above themselves. For example, if someone comes in carrying groceries or walks out with their arms full of clean laundry that needs to be folded, (This is where "get off your butt" comes in) we need to teach them that stopping what they are doing to help is not only great manners but a very responsible thing to do.

At first this new idea is definitely going to take a lil' reminding from mom & dad, but nothing compares to how sweet it is the day that while your are busy sweeping the floor or doing the dishes that your child comes up to you on their own accord & asks "May I help, You?". We also have to make sure we are leading by example & get off our own bottoms when we see that someone might need a lil' help. ;)
Overtime this great new quality in our kids will start spilling over into school, church, on their sports team, or where ever they go. They will learn to look beyond themselves & just what they need to now seeing the bigger picture & realizing they are capable & can be a contributing member.

Its not too early to start or too late. Remember, your younger kids are going to most likely follow the actions & attitudes of your older kids so that is an excellent place to start. Now that my older girls are starting to understand this concept more & more, I am even starting to see my 16 month old stopping what her lil' self is doing to help out. As soon as they see that laundry room light turn on, all 3 of them now rush over to help transfer all the wet clothes to the dryer & carry the dry clothing out to help fold. Am I most likely going to have to re-do some things that they try to "help" with? Absolutely, but in the long run it is well worth it because of the invaluable lesson they are learning.

As a side note I have to say, we should not have to bribe our kids to help out, do not even get me started on that point. Its all about manners, responibility, & just becoming that overall contributing member. The proud feeling they get inside for themselves & for what they have accomplished should be reward enough. Their overall motivation should not be, "Well, what are you going to give me?".

-M&M Momma

Fun at the park with grandparents!

So excited for a picnic in the park!

Austin thinks sleep is more
important than ELMO lol.

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