Friday, March 2, 2012

Confessions of a Shoe-A-Holic!

Sometimes they say we ingrain different things into our kids whether it be leading by example or constantly talking about something, but since I have had kids shoes for me have honestly been close to the bottom of my priority list. Austin Rose apparently did not get that memo because shoes are her latest & greatest obsession. For a 15 month old with such tiny feet (some of her shoes our still soft bottoms & read "from 6-12 month olds"), she doesn't let that stop her in the least! From Asher's to Aidann's to Mom's & even Daddy's, every moment of every day she wants some type of shoes on. "SHOES" is actually the 1st word out of her mouth when I see her in the morning. Its a priceless thing to watch her try to get some pair of enormous shoes on her mini feet & then stumble from room to room playing until you hear a lil' "uh-oh" because her shoe has somehow managed to full off once again. I love these lil' stages they go through, but they definitely pass way too quickly!

-M&M Momma

"The Tiny Shoe Enthusiast"

Sporting some of Ashers kicks

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