Saturday, January 22, 2011

And so it begins....

My first posting, so excited! Today is the day after my wedding anniversary & I woke up thinking "Why the heck not today?!". After running the countless errands that often come with Saturdays, our family had one last thing to get done. We dropped by our favorite buy in bulk store to get some diapers. Being a mom & a girl, of course I had fifty other things I wanted to look at before getting what we had originally stopped in for. Almost to the diaper area (finally) they had strategically placed a rack of beautiful little dresses right there infront of me. They were calling my name & I had to glance through them (Hey! I have three little girls, its almost a right of passage). I finally found one that I really liked & held it up to my barely 2 yr old. She grabs it from me & shrieks in her sweet little voice "Oh look, Daddy! It is sooooooo cute!". My husband & I both had to stop & look at each other & busted out laughing. OMG what have I created?! 

And this is not the first time I have witnessed my 2 year old acting really really girly recently. I painted her toe nails earlier this week, pink of course. I blew on them religiously while she gobbled down her organic pizza, hoping for them to dry before she was finished & back to playing. Later that night she crawled up on the couch next to me yelling "Hot! Hot! Hot!" and pointing at her toes. It took me a second before I realized what she meant. She had thought that earlier I was blowing on her toes because they were hot & now she wanted me to do it again because she thought it was so fun. Ha Ha! She is so funny.         

As I get more into this blog perhaps I should name the players involved. Of course there is myself, M&M Momma, & then there is my husband, Justin. Three other common characters are my three little girls or "Triple A" as I sometimes refer to them. Aidann is the oldest, 27 months & as I have already mentioned really girly. As soon as this blonde haired blue eyed cutie's little feet hit the floor she is off to the bow rack to select the bow of the day. "Bow, Mommy? Bow, please". My second angel is little Asher, 15 months old. She is a firecracker for sure and cute as can be with her little self & big brown eyes & curls. She loves to build things, play with cars, and is overall just a little ray of  giggling sunshine. Our newest addition, two months old, is our sweet Austin Rose. She is extremely tolerant of her sisters' kisses & hugs, sleeps through the night, & only seems to cry when she needs something. She looks like a perfect mix between her two sisters & we can't wait to see what else she brings to this wonderful family!

Well, I would blog more but it's getting late! I hope you all enjoy and start following my blog. Until tomorrow!!!

M&M Momma



  1. First off, great job Sarah on getting this BLOG started. Next, even though I live the life with you, I truly enjoy reading your writing. It just shows how gifted you are when I myself who experiences these wonderful adventures is sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for what you are going to type next. Cant wait to experience and read your next blog. Love you.