Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make the Time

Ashy having special time with mommy

Today was a nice relaxing day at home (minus a dr's appointment for Asher & Austin). Being the mother of multiple children it is so important that we make sure we give each child special quality time as often as possible. This is not always easy I will be the 1st to admit, but with a some creativity & concious effort it can be done! For example, on Sunday as our family was leaving church Aidann asked her daddy if we could eat some pizza for lunch. Justin decided that as a treat this would be a great idea. To make it special for Aidann, the other girls & I waited in the vehicle while just the 2 of them went into the store. He let her pick what type of pizza she wanted, "help" him pay for it, & carry it out of the store in her own bag. She was smiling ear to ear! She felt like such a big girl & you could tell she really valued that experience with her dad. Today Asher woke up from her nap a lil' earlier than her sisters so I had to stop myself & make a concious effort to set aside other duties (laundry, dishes, or whatever) to give her that special time. We played with cars (her favorite)  & shared a small treat together. It meant the world to her to just have that lil' extra time with mommy. Sometimes making sure that every child gets that extra love they need means letting 1 kid stay up just a lil' later to hang out with you, taking a buddy along for a necessary errand you have to run, or letting them sit on your lap for a special storytime with just you & them. In the long run it pays off so much & makes life a lot happier for everyone! You are ultimately making a lot more work for yourself when your kids are attention starved or jealous of 1 another, vying for your attention. If you really pay attention you can tell when 1 child might need a little more one on one time than usual. Its so worth taking that time!

Well, that is it for me until next time...

M&M Momma
Asher waiting @ the dr's office

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  1. Just like adults, children have love cups also that need to be filled. (One on One time) Little hint, if their love cup is filled they will be more likely to obey you and receive the discipline with love. Sarah you are awesome. Your husband is so lucky...heehee.