Monday, January 24, 2011

Teal Nails, Spaghettios & Popsicles

If you can recall, my lil' 2 year olds' toe nails were painted a beautiful pink. Well, that didn't last very long. Apparently, I missed the memo informing me that it was time to change them again. I walked in the bedroom at night to check on her & her sisters. There Aidann lay, perfectly still in her bed with a very content yet suspicious look across her face. I probably would have never discovered what little escapade she had been up to if it had not been for the teal line of nail polish running down her left cheek. I quickly reached for the light switch & pulled her blanket back only to discover her toe nails, her thighs, & her baby sister's socks  had been blessed with her teal touch! I wanted to be so mad, but I also had to stop & remember she is just a kid...a baby even, how was she supposed to know true cause & effect? Its not like I had said, "Now, Aidann. Remember only mommy can paint your toes, ok?". She innocently thought it would be fun to paint her toe nails like mommy had done a few days before. She did however get in trouble for getting out of bed & I had to calmly explain to her how what she had done was not okay. The "funniest" part of this whole thing is that when she had finished "painting her toes", she screwed the lid right back onto the bottle & placed it neatly onto the shelf (label facing forward and everything). She was so proud of herself, geez. So, Justin put the bedroom back together while I threw her in the bath tub in an attempt to remove as much of the evidence as I could from her face & thighs & then back to bed she went. First thing this morning when she woke up she points to her toes so proudly & says, "Mom, look. Toes pretty!!!". :)

Spaghettios & popsicles are an odd combination, but that is kind of what makes it so fun! For a special treat this afternoon I let the girls eat their dinner outside. I don't usually like processed foods, but lets be real, having raviolis and spaghettios every now & then is part of childhood. Well, this afternoon we found ourselves at my mom's house ("Mema's") & she has the luxury of living right across from a park. The lil' girls love to go out in the yard & watch all the big kids play basketball & run around over there. Well, there they were eating their food & lil' Asher starts yelling & waving "Hi, Kids. Hi!". So cute, right? Well, then Aidann starts joining in & some of the kids start waving back. The girls are so loving this (forget the food) & then Aidann decides to innocently yell in her loudest voice as she points at her little sister, "Yeah, Asher went poo poo! Yeah, Ashy ewww!". Oh brother....

Well, that's it for tonight. Talk to you soon!

M&M Momma

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