Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bows & Bathtubs

"Hi. My name is Sarah & I am a bow-aholic!"

What do they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery? Having 3 girls, I have grown to just love bows! I think its kind of fun always being on the hunt for the perfect bow to go with each outfit. There in lies the problem... As I said, I have 3 girls so that means a lot of bows & then I like to play the twin & triplet matchy matchy game sometimes with their clothes so that means 3 identical bows sometimes. Geez... I think it could be a lot worse but I am telling you when someone gives the lil' ladies bows for a gift, its almost like gold to me and I think I am almost more excited then them...Well, minus Aidann anyway-So FUNNY!

I have only had 3 years to work on this little collection of mine but this is some of what I have so far...

I mean to me bows are the proverbial "cherry" on top of the proverbial "cake". Here are a few pictures of my 3 lil' "cakes" just incase you still are not convinced!

BATHTUBS: Please tell me what the deal is with lil' kids fascination with drinking tub water!? And if you decide to add bubbles, forget about it! Licking them, slurping them, feeding them to each other. The upside...low in calories, bad side...Their dirty lil' booties are sitting in it!?! Every time its bath time we have to go through the same speech, "Now we can't be eating the bubbles or drinking the bath water, Girls. Its yucky!". They have no clue what I am talking about "yucky"? It looks like a little piece of heaven on earth through their precious lil' eyes, so for now they will just have to not eat or drink it because "I said so!". This brings me to an interesting idea for parents. Crayola makes those fun bath crayons that your little munchkins can use to "write" on the tub. Its so fun and an easy clean up. They also make these little tablets that dye the tub water. How fun to take a bath in green water one night and then in blue water the next! Invest in bath time fun, its great for learning and bonding even.

Well, that's it for me. I need to relax before taking on another fun week!

M&M Momma ;)

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  1. my other and i were just talking about your extreme bowtasticness with the girls. when are they gonna be free from the grasps of the bows?