Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aussie Update

So my lil' Austin is just about to reach the 5m mark. I tell you this may be my 3rd kid, but each milestone reached is every bit as much exciting with this lil' lady! She is cooing up a storm, loves to eat her hands, kicks & wiggles her arms like crazy when you talk to her, she is a total smiler, tries to do mini crunches when she is laying down on her back, loves rolling over, reaches for toys, great at tummy time, had her 1st taste of baby rice cereal, & loves plowing her head into the ground while trying to crawl (You can't just use your legs, Silly).
Aussie Sandwich

Oh, she has also developed this habit that absolutely drives me up the wall. Those of you who know me well are aware of my "fear" of cutting babies' nails. I refuse to do it! I once saw a mommy cutting her baby boy's nails and she sliced his lil' finger. Blood everywhere. Call it tramatized, I don't know, but I just REFUSE to do it. So, Austin's nails are a lot longer then they probably should be. Well, she has just figured out how to scratch absolutely anything. Put her in the swing, she'll scratch the cushioning-Like nails down a chalkboard! She'll grab your arm & pratically draw blood. I can tell when she wakes up in the morning because she'll scracth her nails on the sides of her bed-Ahhh! I guess its on me though-Haha! Tune in, Austin's 1st mani pedi coming soon to a nail salon near you!
Its been a great past few months & I look forward to what lies ahead. Such a beautiful, happy, stylish, & easy-going lil' baby! I love you, Austin Rose.
-M&M MommaEnjoy the videos: 1st one is this odd snore she does sometimes & 2nd her just being her-lol!

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