Saturday, April 9, 2011

Say What?!?!

The other night the girls, my husband, & I were driving home pretty late. It was a crazy weekend & we were all pretty tired except lil' miss chatter box (Aidann). Anyway, she was going on & on about the most random things until suddenly she said something that caught Jay & I so off guard that we woke right up. We had to ask her once again what it was she had said because it DID NOT sound right at all. Once again she said it & it still sounded like the totally inappropriate comment we had heard the 1st time around. I knew she didn't hear those words from either of us, so I frantically searched my brain for where she could have possibly picked that type of language up from. Then it suddenly hit me!!! She was saying "I want to eat pretzel sticks". Boy was I relieved she didn't want to eat a pile of s....something else..... Oh my word! Has your kid ever said something that sounded totally like something else....If you know what I'm saying. (wink, wink). They are so innocent & don't even realize. We're the ones with our minds in the gutter-Lol! -M&M Momma
Off to their
lil' friend's bday!
Too cute
It was SOOOO cold.
Lil' Blake
(He doesn't help my itch)

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