Saturday, April 23, 2011


[Not the venting part yet..Lol, I'll let ya know. Coming up soon...]
So today we definitely put some miles on the old SUV running here & there & everywhere today, but it was fun! We had a family get together at my mom's house where we enjoyed food, egg hunts, and tons of picture taking of course. We then got to visit the park where they had train rides, balloon making, "bouncy boxes" (Aidy's term for jump castles), & a big Easter bunny walking around that my kids sooo could have dealt without. Once Aidann laid her eyes on that thing she informed us that definitely ready to leave to go home & go "night night" instead. After the park, we headed to 1 of the lil' girls' friend's 1st birthday party. Once again an another adorable princess themed birthday! We told Aidy and Ashy the party was at "Pump It Up", a wonderland filled with blown up slides, "bouncy boxes", & all that fun stuff. Aidann's only concern was birthday= eat cake and ice cream! Well, the kids konked out in no time at all, so lets see if I can get a lil' something out there...
[Okay, now I am about to get into the whole venting part. Proceed at your own risk. Lol, just kidding]
I know it is a given & people are always talking about how much pressure is on men/daddies these days to provide for their families. Especially, the ones that serve as the sole provider of their home. I totally agree, they have a lot on their plates & I am by NO MEANS trying to take away what a huge responsibility & honor that is, but I also think mommies tend to take the weight of the world on their shoulders a lot of times as well in different ways-or maybe its just me. Lol. Children are a HUGE part of our hearts & when they hurt, we hurt. The littlest concerns about what some might consider so minimal & stupid, could also by the BIGGEST deal to us mommies. I have definitely noticed this unhealthy tendency in myself so much more since taking on marriage but especially mommyhood. I am always concerned: "Am I giving this child enough attention?", "Am I spending enough time with my hiusband", "Am I doing enough to enrich the girls' lives?", "Did I handle this situation right or that situation right?", "Am I disciplining enough?", "Am I discplining too much", "I didn't get everything on my to-do list done", "The laundry is starting to pile up", "The girls are having a growth spurt now I have to hurry & get enough clothes", & yaddah yaddah yaddah. Sometimes these worries even cause us enough stress they rob us of sleep-And goodness knows we need as much of that as we can get. Haha! The very last concern on our minds is usually ourselves!?! Gosh, I can't even tell you how many times I have to actually stop & remind myself to eat or drink in a day. 1 of my girls (who is just fine now thank you GOD), was dealing with a lil' health issue recently. I literally felt like there was an actual weight sitting there on my back the weeks leading up to the surgery. My neck was constantly aching from all the stress & I was fortunate to even get 2 or 3 hours asleep each night. Now, a lot of people might sit there & help me try to justify the anxiety I was dealing with, but seriously it isn't okay. It's not healthy & its not right. As mommies we need to sometimes check our baggage at the door, take a deep breath, & just realize evryhting will be alright. I have to give my hysband credit because the other night I just unloaded absolutely everything on him. Not in a mean way, but just kind of venting & letting it off my shoulders. A man's 1st instinct is to try & "fix it", but sometimes a woman just needs their guy to listen. Props to you Jay for just listening.We have to find a way to release it. A hobby could be helpful. My mom told me this story she read in a book once (Forwarning, Mom. I will probably butcher it). But basically in a nutshell there was this guy who was always so stressed out. Finally 1 day he decided that he would save all his worrying for Tuesdays only. So, anytime a worry would come up any other day, he would tell himself he would just have to save the worry about it until Tuesday. And you know what, 9 times out of 10 that worry worked itself out before Tuesday even rolled around. (I need to try that out). Anyway, what a good awesome logic. Stress is just not good for us or on our bodies, its not productive at all, so why do it to yourself? Go out and get a pedicure, I DARE you! Take a load off for awhile. Your a great mom & God's got it handled okay?Have an awesome night all!-M&M Momma

Birthday Girl!
Aidy's favorite part!

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