Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Want My Toes Back!

So, I had another play date the other day & Aidann was calmly playing in the den with her sister & another lil' girl ( I mean I had literally just checked on them) when suddenly she started yelling, "Help, Mommy! Noah's eating it!". I knew she was playing with her Noah's ark, but had no clue what she could mean. I walked in only to find my daughter had somehow managed to get her toe YES TOE stuck in the toy ark. It was so hard not to laugh. "I want my toes back!" she kept yelping as I tried to pry her free from the boat! We came out victorious, toes still attached haha!
Before the incident
Later on in the day I took the babies through the gardening section of Lowe's to let them see the flowers. They loved running up to each bright bunch & giving them a big sniff. Some left them saying "Eww!". Well, they were totally occupied by smelling flowers when suddenly a man's voice comes over the speaker. "Daddy! Daddy, where are you?" Aidy starts yelling as she starts looking around the garden center. Every time that voice would come back on she would talk to it so loud-Like loud. It was part funny part you want to shush her a lil'. Lol! When her dad came back from grabbing grass seed she was like "There you are!". Crazy kids!
After playing at the park yesterday and a nice dinner, we began our bedtime routine. I brushed Aidann's teeth 1st. As soon as I finished she started running around grabbing her mouth and screaming "Ahh Ahh!". She then ran & grabbed the towel & started licking it!?  After she had finished, I asked her what was wrong (It was the same toothpaste we always use)? She replied, "It tasted like cheese!". I have no idea, but it was hilarious to watch.Kids are nonstop entertainment I tell you!
-M&M Momma

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